Best Small Business Accounting Software in The World

If you start running your small business online. Then you will need the help of the best accounting software to manage your business’ financial data.

You need to understand that good accounting software is the best tool that can conversion financial data from a set of numbers into actual reports. About the current state of your small business.

Here we provide some of the best account software recommendations for your business.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software specially designed to help small business accounting.

This software is suitable for use by freelancers or individual business people. However, FreshBooks also provides a variety of sophisticated service plans for small businesses that already have employees.

There are several features that you can find in FreshBook such as:

  1. Time Tracking
  2. Transaction Payment Options
  3. Import History
  4. Expense History
  5. Print invoices

The features in freshBooks can also be adapted to your business development. So, you don’t need to switch to other accounting software if your business is growing from year to year.

2. Wave

Wave is the best accounting software that is perfect for those of you who work as a business owner or entrepreneur.

You will be charged a small transaction fee for processing each payment. There are two payment options supported in Wave Accounting, namely bank transfer or credit card options.

By using the Wave software, you can track income and expenses, and create invoices or bills for free, without incurring additional costs. All the features and services available on wave are quite complete and easy to use.

So, you can use Wave to pay business partners, contractors or pay employees quickly and easily.

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online is the third best cloud-based accounting software and can be used to manage business needs such as expenses, income, invoices and taxes through various devices.

By using this platform you can save time when doing accounting tasks. Some sources even say that you can save up to 40 hours/month by using this application.

QuickBooks software is very user-friendly for its users, especially for accountants.

You can purchase this accounting software starting at $16 per month. If there is a promo or discount, you can buy it with a discount of up to 50%.

4. Xero

In the order of the 4th best accounting application recommendations, there is Xero. Xero is the most complete cloud-based accounting software with modern UI and features for small businesses.

Xero is very suitable for use as accounting software for small-scale business levels, because their product focuses on user experience.

With Xero, you can perform basic accounting tasks such as:

  1. Keep track of income and expenses.
  2. Make financial reports.
  3. Send invoices.

You can use all the data obtained from Xero for your small business as a consideration in making decisions.

It has all the business management features you need. Some of them are bank reconciliation, third-party integration, inventory tracking, and customer contact lists.

5. Sage Business

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an accounting management software made by Sage Intacct. You can use it for your business as business bookkeeping can be managed easily.

This accounting software provides financial management tools that are very practical and easy to use.

With a price of only $ 10 / month, you can use it to create invoices to integrate it with a bank account.

On the $25/month package, you can use advanced features in the form of automatic data entry to track expenses and get accurate financial reports for your business management readiness.

You need to know if you buy the basic plan then it doesn’t include the features to manage inventory. But there are still many basic features that small businesses need.

If you’re a small business owner and want to use Sage, keep in mind that purchasing the base plan doesn’t include tools for managing inventory. However, the features available in the package are in accordance with the basic accounting needs of a small business.

Sage also has a mobile app version that you can use to scan bills and invoices for your customers. After that, the scan results that you have scanned will be added automatically to the accounting system available in the software.

By using the best small business accounting that we have reviewed above, you can find out what products or services can make your business sustainable.

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